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When you need a lawyer, you need a very good lawyer: one who will pay attention to your case; who will fight for you; who will use every resource the law allows to protect you; and who is not afraid to take on hard cases.  If you find yourself in need of that type of lawyer, call me. 

Case Results

Each case is unique, and the result in any case is determined in large part by a set of facts unique to that case. The following descriptions are meant only as illustrations. They do not guarantee similar results in similar cases, and are not meant to offer legal advice. If you have a legal question, you should consult a licensed attorney.

Argued successfully that a handgun that had been modified with a shoulder stock was nonetheless not a “rifle” under Virginia law. Result: Felony gun charge dismissed.

Presented expert to testify at trial that the level of prescription drugs in a driver’s blood was within the therapeutic range, and would not “impair” the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. Result: DUI charge dismissed.

Argued successfully that a client who was charged with violating a custody order by refusing to return a child to Virginia could not be guilty of violating the order because the conduct at issue happened before the court order was signed by the judge. Result: Felony child abduction charge dismissed.

Filed a malicious prosecution suit for damages against a spouse who had filed numerous false charges against my client, including protective order petitions and criminal charges, all of which had been dismissed. Result: Money judgment in favor of my client.

Client who obtained a judgment against spouse for malicious prosecution was ordered to pay spousal support as part of a divorce proceeding. Arranged for the client to deposit the support payments into the spouse’s bank account on the same day as serving the bank with a garnishment summons to freeze bank account. Result: Client was able to collect a substantial amount of his judgment by garnishing the support payments.

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