August McCarthy

When you need a lawyer, you need a very good lawyer: one who will pay attention to your case; who will fight for you; who will use every resource the law allows to protect you; and who is not afraid to take on hard cases.  If you find yourself in need of that type of lawyer, call me. 


The following statements are reprinted verbatim, with permission from the writers:

I noticed your advertisement in the Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, “One client at a time.” You couldn’t have picked a better advertising slogan. As a client, I can attest to that statement. In all the time I’ve known you and utilized your services I’ve never felt lost among your other clients. Whenever we talk, whether it be face to face or over the phone, it always feels like I’m talking to a friend who happens to be a lawyer, instead of an “Attorney” with no personal connection to me or my concerns.

Mr. McCarthy, OK - So these simple 2 words do not even convey my gratitude but they are all I have - Thank You !! You have no idea how much I appreciated your support and diligence in preparing my case.  When you continually hear the negative thoughts and what "will happen" it was so comforting to have an expert reassure me of other possibilities. And an expert you are!

I am grateful for your willingness to continue this case through all the obstacles that it presented and am thankful for your determination that everyone is "innocent until proven guilty." Something my family didn't even support.  I am also so glad that I found your ad and our discussions led to my decision of selecting you as my attorney.

While I hope to never have to retain you on similar charges I am going to refer you, and keep you in mind for any additional legal services I may need, or those of any individuals who may ask "do you know a GREAT attorney"? You truly are the best and I was blessed in selecting YOU!

Mr. McCarthy:

When faced with a legal issue I was like what I am sure is the huge majority of people not trained in the law.  It is a daunting prospect full of trepidation and fear.  The notion that the law is logical and simple is a recipe for disaster.  You proved to me that the unique combination of expertise, insight and empathy you have is the antidote to that fear and misunderstanding.  Those qualities and more got me results that frankly were improbable.  People could not believe the favorable outcome!  It was obvious to me that you were the superior attorney in the matters at stake.  I am very grateful for that! 

Another notion that I and I am sure others have had is that one individual client will not receive the attention and care that your thriving law practice might allow. Nothing could be further than the truth.  Your interactions with me were totally focused on my matters and you never failed to fulfill your commitments to me.  You never let me down in any way.

I am blessed to have had you represent me and will always recommend you.  You are a Top Notch Guy!


August, thank you so very much in helping me in getting results with these people.  I honestly couldn't have done it without your assistance.

August, I want to thank you so much for your help these past few years.  You not only got be through a rough time in my life but actually got me closer to my [children].  I can't thank you enough.  You are one hell of a lawyer.  The best lawyer I know.  Thanks for all you have done for me and my family.

To make a long frustrating story short and wonderful, August had my full payment to me within two weeks of that conversation!  Totally matter of fact and unassuming, August made it happen without any fanfare.  In my book he is Warrenton's superhero lawyer - making the impossible happen, and meanwhile not too impressed with what he just did.  Just doing his job ... and answering my prayers! [See this editorial here]

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